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membership application terms

Agreement of membership application terms Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1 (Purpose)
This Membership Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”) aims at stipulating all the matters between WONST (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and its customer (hereinafter referred to as a “Member”) with regard to conditions for becoming a member of the website (www.wonst.co.kr) and using it, rights and duties of the Company and the Member and other necessary matters.
Article 2 (Force and amendment of this agreement)
1. This agreement comes into force by being posted on the website, which provides the service (www.wonst.co.kr).
2. For reasonable reasons, the Company can amend this agreement without prior notification and the amended agreement comes into force by being published in the same way as that in clause 1 above.
3. A Member can make a request for withdrawal if he or she does not agree with the amended agreement. If a Member uses the service even after the amended agreement comes into force, the Member is regarded to agree with the amendments.
Article 3 (Rules other than this agreement)
1. The Company can make separate agreement or operation rules (hereinafter referred to as “Guidelines on Each Service”) for an individual item in the service, if necessary.
2. When this agreement conflicts with the Guidelines on Each Service, the Guidelines on Each Service is applied preferentially.
3. Matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be interpreted and dealt with according to separate detailed agreements, notification by the Company, regulations of other relevant laws, purpose of this agreement and general practice of the same field.
Article 4 (Definition of terms)
1. Definitions of terms in this agreement are as follows:
- Member: An individual, individual business or corporate business who made a contract and received ID and password to use services
- Customer: A person who made a contract with the Company to use services
- Usage contract: Providing a customer with a user ID for using services after the customer agreed with the contents of the agreement made by the Company and made an application by filing out an online application form.
- ID: A combination of unique letters and numbers, given to each Member according to the application by the Member for the purpose of identification of the Member and use of services
- Password: A combination of letters and numbers, created by a Member to protect his or her privacy
- Member information: A Member’s personal information including name and contact information, requested by the Company to be put in the application form
- Post: Questions, answers, materials and photos, etc. published or registered by a Member on various bulletin boards of services provided by the Company.
- Discontinuance of usage: Limitation or postponement of a Member’s service use for reasons which cannot be controlled by the Company
- Suspension of usage: Temporary limitation or postponement of a Member’s service use if the Member violates his or her duties with regard to using services of WONST until the violation is resolved or according to the circumstances of the Company
- Cancellation: Cancellation of the contract for use by the Company or a Member
2. Terms in this agreement, if not included in Clause 1 above, shall be defined according to relevant laws and the Guidelines on Each Service, and other terms shall be defined according to general practices.

Chapter 2 Conclusion of a Contract
Article 5 (Conclusion of usage contract)
By clicking [I read the membership agreement and I agree with it] button in the process of an application for membership, a user is regarded to agree with the contents of this membership agreement and make an application for using the service.
Article 6 (Application for using the service)
1. Customers who want to become a member and use the service shall provide all the information (ID, password, name, contact information) requested by the Company.
2. All the members shall provide their true information to use the service and those who use others’ information illegally or register false information cannot assert any right with regard to using the service and will be punished under relevant laws.
3. Making an application for membership can be proceeded with only through one’s true information and the Company can check the information registered by a Member whether it is true or not. The Member shall cooperate with the Company for the checking procedure and if the Member does not abide by it, the Company can regard the Member’s information as false.
Article 7 (Protection of personal information)
According to relevant laws, the Company protects personal information of a Member including the information he or she registered. Protection of a Member’s personal information follows related laws and privacy policy by the Company.
Article 8 (Acceptance and limitation of application for use)
1. The Company accepts the application for using the service, stipulated in the Article 5 and 6 according the application procedure as long as there is no problem with regard to business operation or technology.
2. For the following cases, the Company can limit, suspend or cancel membership or take other necessary measures.
- If there is concern about violating laws or destroying fine customs
- If an applicant for using the service is not made through one’s true information
- If an applicant is under the age of 14 or minors did not receive parental consent
- If an applicant intends to use the service for unfair purposes
- If an applicant intends to use the service for profit
- If an applicant has ever been cancelled of the usage contract because of violation of the user agreement or related laws
- If an application is made by infringing all the matters stipulated in this agreement
3. For the following cases, the Company can postpone the acceptance of an application until the reason of limitation is resolved.
- If there is an obstacle to facilities of service or capacity of facilities is insufficient
- If there is a technical obstacle
- The cases recognized as necessary by the Company
4. After the registration procedure is completed, the Company can cancel the approval if reasons stipulated in the Article 2 are revealed.
Article 9 (Issuance and change of member ID)
1. The Company issues a Member ID according to the membership agreement.
2. Basically an ID cannot be changed. But if a Member wants to change his or her ID for unavoidable reasons, the Member shall cancel the ID and reapply for membership.
3. For the following cases, an ID can be changed or suspended to be used according to the request by a Member or authority of the Company.
- If there is concern about invasion of privacy because an ID is composed of telephone number or resident registration number
- If an ID is repellent to others or harms fine customs
- If an ID is same as the Company, service by the Company or a service operator or can cause misconception
- If there are other reasonable reasons
4. A Member is responsible for management of an ID and password. A Member is liable for damage to service usage caused by improper management or illegal usage of the ID by the third party and the Company holds no liability.
5. Other matters with regard to a Member’s personal information management and amendment shall depend on the Guidelines on Each Service.

Chapter 3 Contractor’s Duties
Article 10 (Company’s duties)
1. The Company does not do any action prohibited by laws and this agreement and shall use its best efforts to provide WONST service in a constant and secure way according to this agreement.
2. The Company shall do its utmost to protect users’ personal information so as to allow its Members to use WONST service without problem.
3. In response to opinion or complaint submitted by its Members, the Company shall handle it without delay after objective judgment and proper procedures. If it is impossible to handle it promptly, the Company shall inform of the reason for delay and plan to deal with it.
Article 11 (Member’s duties)
1. In the process of making an application for membership or amending personal information, a Member shall input his or her true information. The Company holds no liability for problems caused by input of false information or others’ information.
2. A Member shall abide by the contents of this agreement, all the regulations and notices by the Company and related laws and shall not do any action which disturbs the Company’s business, stains the Company’s honor or damages to others.
3. Using the service, a Member shall not do any action, including copyright infringement and pornography dissemination which violates laws or harms fine customs. The Member is liable to damages by these actions.
4. Except for cases in which the Company takes the responsibility according to related laws and privacy policy, each Member is responsible for the management of an ID and password.
5. A Member shall not allow others to use his or her ID and password by handing over or lending them and the Company holds no liability for problems caused by infringement of it.
6. A Member takes responsibility for management of his or her ID and password and is fully liable for the results caused by using the ID and password. In addition, if an ID and password is used without a Member’s consent, the Member shall inform the Company of it promptly.
7. A Member shall not do any action stipulated in Clause 2 of Article 8 and is subject to the restriction on WONST service use in case of violation of it.

Chapter 4 Service Use
Article 12 (Service hours)
1. As long as there is no special obstacle to the Company’s business or technology, service can be used for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the Company can suspend the service temporarily during certain days or hours for routine maintenance, extension or replacement of the system. The temporary suspension by scheduled work is notified in advance.

You confirmed membership application terms and do you agree?

policy of processing of personal information

policy of processing of personal information Agree ■ Personal information collected - What to collect: name, date of birth, gender, resident registration number, login ID, password, telephone number, address, mobile phone number, email address, job, service usage records, access log, cookie, and access ID data
- How to collect: homepage (membership), purchase of products, and writing posts
■ Purposes of collection and use of your information - To fulfill a contract for providing services, offer contents on payment of service-related fees, and deliver goods
- To verify the user’s identity to use members-only services, identify individuals, prevent the improper and unauthorized use by bad members, check the intention to join the website, handle complaints, and deliver notices
- To develop and specialize new products (new services), deliver advertising information such as events, identify access frequency or compile statistics of member’s service use
■ Period of possession and use of your information - Basically personal information is destroyed without delay after the purposes of collection and use of the information are accomplished. However, if it needs to be stored according to relevant regulations, WONST keeps the information for a certain period of time designated by relevant laws as follows.
- Stored items: Login ID
- Basis of storage: No rejoining with the same login ID admitted after withdrawal
- Period of storage: Homepage maintenance period shall apply.

You confirmed personal information handling policy and do you agree?

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